ShopitSoon Wishes a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan and Salutes to Brother and Sister Relationship

ShopitSoon Wishes a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan and Salutes to Brother and Sister Relationship
Raksha Bandhan

ShopitSoon wishes a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan and salutes to Brother and Sister Relationship. Brother and Sister Relationship is an amazing gift by God. Where the two hearts come from same blood with a many feelings and emotions between them.


Brother and Sister Relationship

Brother and Sister Relationship sometimes like a Tom and Jerry, sometimes like friends, sometimes like parents. They always want to win on each other and always want to loose on each other. A brother will be always back of his sister for every problem. A sister is always front of his brother to tease him. A wonderful relationship always exist in between them.

RAKSHA BANDHAN is a day where a sister knot Rakhi to his brother and asks his presence for lifetime with her. And brother promises to help her out in every situation.

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Brother and Sister Relationship

The Brother and Sister relationship is filled with more emotions and happiness, they also think for each other. They fight and show anger on sisters but inside they are very soft heartened that’s the love between them

The world is running based on relationship, every person in the world is connected to some relationship, but only few enjoy the happiness and sweetness of Brother and Sister Relationship. They grow but still fight like a small kids, they fight for all silly reasons but they always be together for every problem they face in the life.

A sister is first friend to a brother and a brother is first friend to a sister. They both are good friends for each other through life time. Brother and Sister relationship is the relationship where they fight like enemies, always comment on each other, always complain on each other, but they have pure love on each other, this love makes them do all naughty things on each other but always stand for each other for any problem. Even though they are from each other, their hearts are always together.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

                                  *A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan*

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