Free Shipping For all Over india from March 16 – 21

How Get this Offer :

  1. Go to
  2. If you are already a ShopitSoon Customer,Login to your account
  3. Otherwise Create account
  4. Select your Product and Add to this product to your shopping cart by ADD TO CART
  5. Go to Check out button at the top menu
  6. Enter your Address
  7. Select FREE SHIPPING*
  8. Conform Order.


This Free Shipping Offer Will be valid for 16 march,2016 to 21 march,2016.

For free shipping Grocery order will be delivered on next day ,If you pay 50 rs. for shipping it will be delivered on same day.

How eCommerce helps people in India

“Stay home &Shop Online”

Is today’s Trend in Shopping Hassle india Specially the teenagers and the working professionals. Out of current 35 million online shoppers in India, more than half of the population constitutes college graduates and corporate professionals. For the youth of India, the personal touch for every product may it be personalized mobile skins, clothing etc. helped the giants win over their loyalty. Moreover, given the limited pocket money, it helps them compare the prices for a vast variety of offerings and make an informed decision. Hence, they get the better quality products at cheaper prices. Also, the availability of the mobile applications for shopping makes the experience even more remarkable. Everything is now just a click away. Similarly, for the working class, eCommerce provides a sigh of relief by saving the time spend in crowded shopping mall on weekends that too after 5 days of exhaustive working hours at office. Also, 24X7 support, easy returns and exchanges, doorstep service adds flavor to their shopping experience. The various offers and deals are other benefits the shoppers get. So, when there is so much on the palette, only the ignorant will let it go. And, it is not amiss when researchers say the number of online shoppers will cross the mark of 100 million by the end of 2016.